Combating Artist Block


I’ve heard many designers and artists say they have Artist’s Block which I guess is the equivalent to Writer’s Block. Those moments when your mind goes blank and you don’t know what to draw or design. In my opinion, artist block shouldn’t be used as an excuse for not designing. There’s so much around us and a ton of subject matter that should help to inspire us.

Read a book, look out a window, take a walk and look around or simply look in front of you and design something based on the first thing you see. I like doing practice designs in between jobs to stay fresh.

Below are a number of “practice” designs sketches I did. The first was based around a pencil sitting on my desk. I made up a company name which happens to be my father’s middle name along with the year he was born and then added a catchy sub-line. Then I spent a little while designing a few brand looks.

The others are from the book of Judges in the Bible. I chose four men, designed some images that represented their tales, and used things like chapter numbers and years they ruled as Judges. I then decided to clean up those designs a bit.








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