Mascot It!

Lately I’ve been admiring those old style mascot drawings from the 50’s which also include WW2 era designs used to help promote American patriotism and the war effort. Below are a few of my own mascot designs with catchy sayings done up in one color.


One Color Designs

Ok, a short post. Lately I’ve been taking some of my older designs as well as some new ones and redoing them as vector in Adobe Illustrator. This way I can enlarge them as much as I want and not lose quality or ruin the resolution. I then wanted to see how they would look […]


Combating Artist Block

I’ve heard many designers and artists say they have Artist’s Block which I guess is the equivalent to Writer’s Block. Those moments when your mind goes blank and you don’t know what to draw or design. In my opinion, artist block shouldn’t be used as an excuse for not designing. There’s so much around us […]


Honey Bee Wranglin’

A friend of mine had somehow become the caretaker of a honey bee hive. That venture unfortunately was short lived for him, but it gave me great subject matter to develop some designs for him, YAY! Here you can see a number of sketches and a few finished versions. My first attempt was just a […]


Hand Lettering Booklet

I love developing and hand making self promotion items. I could spend the money having them printed and bound and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I like it when an artist gives his or her personal touch to promo pieces. Case in point, this hand made small booklet featuring some of my hand lettering […]


The James Project

A labor of love. The book of James in the Bible is perhaps one my favorite books. It speaks of practical hard hitting truths for the reader giving him insight into how God would have him conduct his life ultimately becoming for like Jesus. I decided a while ago to create a type treatment for […]


Handmade Patches

The handmade patch. Raw and wonderful. As a kid, I used to love getting patches on family trips and ask my mother to sew them on my favorite jacket so I could show them off. Not sure why, but I decided to design and hand paint a few patches of my own. I must say, […]


The X Design

I’ve heard some designers say that the “X” design is old and we need to move on. I say it’s a classic and it depends on what you do with the X to keep it fresh. Change the angle, compress it, use objects in creative ways to show that crossed pattern or use it in […]



A series of bare knuckle boxers inspired from the early stages of the 20th century. There’s something about the grit and rough demeanor of these men that most likely worked all day and took to the bars and rings at night. Phrases like, “True Grit”, “Hard Core” & “Real Deal” had to of originated with […]